Sometimes you just do not need pockets. Usually when they might get in the way and get things caught in them. Ideal for woodturners , also rowing were you get the oar stuck in them. So supplying a demand we make a smock with no pockets. They come in crew neck only at present going back to the authentic fisherman’s smock from the 1800’s. The triangles are unique to the Cornish smock.

From the blog of author Tony Smith ¬†Creeksailor “For sailing, I wear a round neck smock as well. This traditionally has no pockets and you might find this type is better for working around the boat in confined spaces or when doing any kind of wood-work as there is nowhere for any wood shavings to collect and nothing to get caught on those awkward fittings on a boat such as a cleat or bungee hook.”

Made from 100% cotton drill.

  • UK postage included
  • Hard wearing
  • Machine washable
  • No pockets
  • Crew neck only