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by keith gooderham on The Smock Shop
Great fabric but...

As would be expected for a Bull Denim cloth the fabric is heavy weight and hard wearing but I was disappointed with the colour, a very pale "breton red" but more importantly the opening for the head is snug to say the least, even after unpicking the seam at the back of the collar - smocks from a variety of other sources have not been of the same quality of material but they have all had a significantly larger neck size. Additional on this smock, extra large, the length of the sleeves is generous to say the least.Sadly would not buy again.

Hi Keith
I am glad you liked the weight and quality of the Bull Denim smock it is indeed a lovely fabric.
The shade of Breton Red is a really nice one and is displayed on the internet to in actually smock form for you.
It is a shame you have not contacted me direct re the neck size. I would have gladly have had you return it , at our expense , and made sure a larger necked one was sent or even made up for at which time we could also have taken a few inches off the sleeves .
The smocks are made individually by local machinist and some times a miss of the marking at the neck gap might happen . The standard length of gap is 12" across so 24" in total. If it is made too big then it sits out too much.
I hope this helps with your problem and again am sad you would post a bad review before even coming back to us.
I will post this on line so that any other people can appreciate that we are a small company and do like to look after our customers.

by Susan on The Smock Shop

Want to get one or three, they look very much like what I want - but I would just like to know, where is the cotton itself, the fabric, made?

Hi Susan.
We make the garments ourselves in Cornwall but the fabric is not made in the UK any more although we buy from an English wholesaler it is made abroad .
Different fabric from different places .

by Megs Bailey on The Smock Shop
Ideal for grandchildren

Sent by email toThe Smock Shop,

I have recently purchased 2 children’s smocks from you and I am delighted with the quality of your products.

Thank you for sending them so quickly,they are perfect for my great-nieces who come to do arty stuff with me.

I have had my smock since I was 18...maybe it’s time I invested in a new one!

Thank you for your attention with my order,

Megs Bailey

by Steven Brandon on The Smock Shop
Fit for Purpose

✻The Smock Shop✻ website is a joy to use ..the top arrived speedily too ..those roomy front pockets making it my ideal daily life gear.

by Ray Cutler on The Smock Shop
Gurt lush!

My smock arrived in double quick time and is a perfect fit. I am loving the Breton red colour and looking forward to years of wear from my practical and comfortable smock. I can honestly highly recommended these smocks.

Thank you Ray glad you like your smock ,sounds like it's gone to a good home.

by Brian on The Smock Shop
Great smock!

Bought a smock last year for gardening & tree work. Needed something tough that wouldn't get snagged easily or torn up on thorns, as well as keeping out the weather.
Great smock, excellent quality material and stitching, and no-fuss service. Perfect for what I need; I expect to get plenty of use out of it.

Thanks Brian glad it's doing it's job. They do last for years . Zoe

by Doug Craig on The Smock Shop
Chesapeake smock user

I am a newbie wearer, but can confirm that your smocks live up to their reputation. Have been wearing it fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, and despite the growing fishy-odor, it is a great bit of gear, and much admired by others. I'm sure I will be buying another, that I will be able to wear in the house.

Thank you very much for your review Doug we are glad they are doing there job. From the Smock Shop gang.

by sent to us via eail on The Smock Shop
Next generation smocks

Thanks so much, Zoë.

We’ve been wearing your smocks for nearly 30 years (my husband is from Cornwall) and it’s just so lovely to be buying them for the next generation, especially having the option to buy online now we live in Sussex.

Your website is brilliant, and thank you for being so helpful.

Hope you and the team can have a rest after the busy summer season!


by Zoe Payne on The Smock Shop
Sent to us from Luke Yates

I wore one of your smocks all the way across the north Atlantic this summer (literally every day). I sailed double handed with my fiancé Jessica (in copy) the last smock you shipped was one for her, she was just a little bit jealous of mine. Here is a link to the blog so you can find out more about the trip https://katieandjessieonaboat.com/ confusingly named katie jessie, that was her old sailing buddy just the name hasn’t changed.

The smock was the perfect sailing attire for the trip, the short sleeves make rope work and winching safe and easy, the thick weave gives it good weight so it doesn’t flap around in a breeze and gives great wear resistance. It is tightly woven enough to be waterproof enough to get on deck, reef, change a headsail in a big sea and rain, then get back without having to put on a sailing jacket. The open easy access pockets are perfect to keeping you knife, tape, and marlin spike to hand.

by Zoe Payne on The Smock Shop
Sent to our email address

Hi there ! It has arrived and is perfect ...I look gorgeous ! ..I might even by another one in a different colour . Happy customer me , many thanks . Daisy Debs 🙂 x

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