• Scarves

    These multi functional cotton scarf's are 21" square. Popular with young and old used as bandannas, neck scarves and hankies. There is now high demand  for use as dog decoration. Traditional the Red and Blue spot scarves are worn in Padstow on May 1st. obbie 'ose day. You are either supporters of the Red 'ose (horse) or the Blue 'ose. The pirate pattern may vary as to what design our stockists has supplied us with.
    • UK postage included
    • Bandannas or scarves
    • Dog decoration
    • Machine washable
    • 21" square
  • This pack contains a large eye patch which has slots in so that you can see out and then does not damage the child/adults eyesight. The earring in a clip on style large ring in plastic and the eye patch has elastic so both ready to wear.
    • UK postage included
    • Eyepatch
    • Earring
    • Be a pirate
    • Arrrrrr...
  • Bandana

    These bandannas tie up at the back making them nice and easy to put on. They will fit most size of head. They are lightweight so a great protector of the head for all. Made from 100% cotton.
    • UK postage included
    • Cool headwear[/fusion_li_item)
    • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
  • Pirate flag

    These flags are ideal for parties, wall hanging and even light enough to wrap around for a dress. Play tents, boats and garden decoration. They are made form 100% polyester and have brass eyelets at each end to make it easier to attach to poles and rope. SMALL size is 1 meter x 60 cm   LARGE size is 152 cm x 1 meter.
    • UK postage included
    • Lightweight
    • 100% polyester
    • Brass eyelets
    • Two sizes
  • One of our most popular solid brass plaques this could be sited anywhere and raise a smile. 8 cm x 8.5 cm with hole centre top for fixing. Good heavy weight quality. Other sayings available, please phone for details
    • UK postage included
    • Popular item
    • Made in UK
    • These quality, 100% cotton t shirt are hand silk screen printed with the Calico Jack pirate logo. Yearly we have parents and grand parents come into the shop and say how pleased their little boys and girls were with their gift from Cornwall, the land of Pirates.  Fully machine washable, do not iron the print.
      • UK postage included
      • Long-lasting print
      • Machine washable
      • Excellent quality
      • 100% cotton
    • These ditty bags are ideal for wash bags, travel bags and any time you need to keep things together, I use one to hold all my pricing bits at shows. They are made from our heaviest materials and have a natural cotton cord and easy slip closer. Sorry the mustard colour in the picture is no longer available. A pocket runs all the way around the outside. They are approx 9" high with a 6" base. Made from 100% cotton canvas. Machine washable.
      • UK postage included
      • Made from heavy material
      • Easy slip closer and pockets
      • Machine washable
      • 100% cotton canvas
    • Tricorn

      This tricorn hat is made with imitation leather, a nice soft fabric that is shower proof too. One size but being soft it fits many heads. A hit with all age pirates and hat lovers too.It comes with hair which can be easily taken out if not required.
      • UK postage included
      • Soft fabric
      • Shower proof
      • Fits all ages
      • Hair can be removed
    • The red bandana on this t shirt adds a splash of colour and the smiley face adds a friendlier look for the children. We have families returning year after year with children wearing our pirate t shirts and they are always pleased with their purchase some saying they don't want to take it off. Hand silk screen printed by George. Please don't iron the print. Quality 100% cotton T shirt.
      • UK postage included
      • 100% cotton
      • Hand screen print
      • Popular with children
      • Machine washable
    • This cosy crew neck is made from quality 240gm fleece. Based on the smock style it gives plenty of room and is nice and easy to put on. Pink as ever is very popular with the girls . They wash up very well and as they have a bit of stretch in them they will last for years.
      • UK postage included
      • Quality 240gm fleece
      • Easy to put on
      • Machine washable
      • Long lasting
    • Children’s nautical smock

      1982 was Maritime year in the UK, for this we added a striped collar to our plain navy smocks, thus creating the sailor look. From then on we produced many more designs. They are used quite regularly as page boy outfits when matched with striped or white trousers.
      • UK postage included
      • 100% cotton drill
      • Two patch pockets
      • Machine washable
    • Children’s fun art smock

      Each piece a different colour. These smocks have become very popular with playschools as each child recognises their own smock and it also helps teach them their colours. A nice bright fun smock for children. Each smock will be unique. Made form 100% cotton drill. Two patch pockets.
      • UK postage included
      • Each piece a different colour
      • Machine washable
      • Two patch pockets on front